Safe Hiking Tips

There are so many beautiful and memorable hiking trails to explore on Table Mountain National Park and surrounding mountains like Jonkershoek, Limietberg and Kogelberg.

Due to their popularity and proximity to Cape Town they all have had their fare share of incidents and accidents. Some due to external crime factors and others due to negligence or inexperience.

Below are some basic hiking tips to take into consideration before planning your next hike. These are aimed at the recreational hiker.

  1. Safety in numbers, always try and hike with at least 4 people. If someone in the hiking party is injured and you need to go for help, 1 person can stay behind while the other 2 go for help.
  2. Carry a cellphone with you for emergency calls. There is not always cellphone reception in the mountain, but it is still better than having no phone. Also ensure you have the local emergency numbers saved in the phone.
  3. Tell someone where you are hiking and which route you are planning on taking, and what time you intend on returning.
  4. Always pack enough water, minimum 2 liters, but this should be increased if the hike is long and temperatures are high.
  5. Pack a few basic snacks like bananas or apples and nuts.
  6. Watch the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. If the temperatures are set so soar ensure you start your hike as early as possible to avoid the majority of the heat.
  7. Be prepared for possible changes in weather like strong winds on higher altitudes and mist.
  8. Always wear a hat and comfortable walking shoes.
  9. Pack a basic first aid kit.
  10. Always hike on designated trails and do not attempt difficult routes if you do not have the expertise.

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