Cape Point Circuit

The Cape Point Circuit

Start: Rooikrans

Duration: 3-4 hours (+1 hour if extending to the lighthouse keepers trail)

Difficulty: Moderate to strenuous

This hike is slightly more strenuous than the average day hike inside the Cape Point area as it has various inclines and declines to navigate. However it is a great way to fully experience the beautiful scenery that Cape Point has on offer and to get a closer look at the biodiversity and history of the area.

The suggested starting location for this hike is the Rooikrans parking area. Parking is usually abundant and it offers a great view over False Bay. (Rooikrans is a popular fishing spot) From the Parking area follow the trail heading South towards Cape Point. You will walk pass some old buildings which used to form part of an Educational facility as well as the Protea and Restio overnight hut. A few hundred metres pass the hut you will notice Erica hut to your right as well as the remains of an old look out station that was manned during world war 2. Keep walking southwards in the direction of Cape Point and move your way just west of Vasco da Gama Peak, named after the famous seafarer of course. After roughly an hours walk (from the start) you will reach the main Parking area at Cape Point. This is a good place to get some refreshments if needed and a toilet break.

From the Parking area you can make the choice of heading towards the lighthouse if you haven’t been, or even wander along the lighthouse keepers trail to take in the magnificent scenery on the tip of the Peninsula. This detour will take you approximately 90 mins. If you have seen it before, continue towards the Cape of Good Hope.

To the left of the ablution facilities you will find steps leading down to the Cape of Good Hope. Follow this gravel trail for a few minutes, but take a left just before heading to the boardwalk close to the edge of the cliff. This little Viewpoint has the best view of the two lighthouses on a clear day. Head back and continue along the boardwalk admiring the view of Dias Beach below. This is a marvelous little detour if you have the time. It is about a 100 steps down to this beautiful beach.

Once you pass the top of Dias Beach steps the trail will wind its way to the top of Cape Maclear. The Cape of Good Hope, The most south-westerly point on the African Continent will be visible right below you. Be sure to take a photograph at the sign.

The next section of the trail will give your legs a nice rest and follow the coastline just beyond Pegrams point. Along the way look out for Ostriches and various marine bird species like the endangered Cape Cormorant, African Black Oystercatchers and various species of birds. Also be sure to keep an eye open for Eland along the cliffs to your right. There always seems to be a small herd of them hanging around.

When you pass Pegrams point the trail will lead across the tar road and back uphill towards Rooikrans where you have parked. This section of the trail is notorious for baboons so be sure to keep your food stuffs well hidden.  

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