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1 Day Hiking Tours

Cape Town and the surrounding Winelands region have a variety of hiking trails on offer to suit all fitness types and environmental interests. The time of day as well as the season plays a big role in what there is to see and experience. Our guides knowledge will inform you about the species which you can encounter on each hike.

but feel free to contact us, if you have any specific hiking trails in mind.



Name: Second Waterfall Hike
Location: Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch

Duration: 3 - 4 hours
Fitness level: Beginner to Intermediate

Description: The Second Waterfall hike in the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve is a relatively easy hike to do. It runs parallel to the Eerste River for the majority of the way, which provides for some refreshing mountain water while you take a break in the shade of beautiful wild almond trees. The entire hike is within a valley so you are towered by mountains which makes for breathtaking scenery. The final section of the trail ascends slightly and you get further away from river, before finally heading into a gorge surrounded by afromontane vegetation and the foot of the waterfall.

Price: R 650 per person (includes entry fee)

R 1000 per person (extended trip to 2 wine farms for lunch and tasting experiences, or alternatively 2 breweries)

*Lunch is for your own account


Name: Shipwreck trail - Best of Both Worlds
Location: Cape of Good Hope (Cape Point)

Duration: 3 - 4 hours
Fitness level: Beginner to Intermediate

Description: This Cape Point hike offers variation between remote mountain fynbos views and a walk along a picturesque beach. During the coastal section of the hike you can expect to see the remains of the Thomas T Tucker (1942) and the Nolloth (1964) shipwrecks and  a variety of coastal birds like African Black Oystercatchers, Cape Cormorants and various Plovers. You may even be lucky enough to spot some ostriches, Eland, Cape Clawless Otters and Baboons walking along the sandy beaches.

The mountain fynbos section has many endemic species like the Peninsula Silkypuff, Cluster Spiderheads and Diamond eyes. The Hike further offers the chance to spot some of the larger mammal species that can be found in Cape Point, like Eland, Bontebok and Red Hartbeest.

This Hike can be combined with a visit to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope at an extra charge. 

Price: R 700 per person (Hike only)

R 850 per person (Combined with a visit to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope - *Lunch for own account)

Name: Smitswinkel Bay to Cape of Good Hope
Location: Cape Point

Duration: 8 - 9 hours
Fitness level: Intermediate

Description: This coastal hike takes you from the entrance gate of the Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain National Park to the actual Cape of Good Hope, most South-Western Point on the African continent. It is a wonderful hike to do and offers the hiker magical views of Cape Point and surrounds. It starts off quite strenuous with an uphill climb to cross 3 impressive peaks, the highest this section of the Park has to offer.

This hike offers an alternative way to explore Cape Point, it will take you past arguable the most scenic parts of Cape Point, and offers an opportunity to spot some of the wildlife like Klipspringer, Eland and Bontebok occurring in the Park. This is a full day hike that can take approximately 8-9 hours to complete. However it is spectacular and will be well worth the tired feet and body.  

Price: R850

Starting at Smitswinkel Bay
Paulsberg and Falsebay


Name: Smuts’ Track
Location: Table Mountain - Upper Cable Station to Kirstenbosch

Duration: 4 - 5 hours
Fitness level: Intermediate

Description: This hike provides for spectacular 360° views of all that Cape Town has to offer, Camps Bay, Clifton, The City Bowl, Cape Flats and the beautiful green mountain range that is Table Mountain all the way to Cape Point. It starts at the upper cable car station, which is a rocky sun exposed area of Table Mountain and ends at the foot of an Afromontane Forest, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. The landmarks in between includes Maclears beacon, Hely-Hutchinson reservoir and Skeleton Gorge. This is one of the most iconic hikes to do on Table Mountain. 

Cost: R 800 per person (minimum 2)


Name: Platteklip Gorge
Location: Lower Cable Station to Upper Cable Station

Duration: 2 - 3 hours
Fitness level: Intermediate

Description: One of the most popular ascends Table Mountain has on offer. The route starts with a series of steps as you lead up into the Platteklip gorge and the top of Table Mountain Maclears Beacon. We will then walk to the Upper Cable Station.  

Price, Ascend only - R 500 per person (down via Cable Car for own account)

Ascend and Descend - R 700 per person




Name: Cape Point Overnight Hiking Trail
Location: Cape of Good Hope (Cape Point)

Duration: 2 days (Day one 5 - 7 hours, Day two - 7 - 8 hours)

Accommodation: Basic overnight hut, with bunk beds and cutlery

Description: This is one of the most remote hikes you can do within the City of Cape Town. Although Cape Point is quite busy the trail never ventures past any major tourist attraction therefore your interaction with people is limited to fellow hikers and the occasional vehicle.

Day 1 - Follows along the cliffs of Judas Peak, Paulsberg and Die Boer with magnificent views of False Bay below. This is Klipspringer territory and you are likely to spot the shy animals. Once we hit the Kanonkop lookout point the most strenuous part of the 1st day is over. We then have the option of following the seabreeze, past two tidal pools, a sand beach and rocky beaches before making the short climb to the Overnight hut. Or alternatively stay inland and enjoy a break at the Buffelsfontein Visitor Centre.

Day 2 - Is a slightly longer hike, however it is relatively flat. We drop down to the Atlantic coastline for the first part of the day where many seabirds can be seen. Once we hit Hoek van Bobbejaan the trail gradually moves inward into beautiful fynbos vegetation where we are hopeful to come across some of the larger mammals found in Cape Point like Eland, Red Hartbeest and Bontebok. The trail will lead past Sirkelsvlei dam and the up the Rooihoogte peak before making its way back to the main gate and the end of the hike.

Price: Different packages available, depending on catering preferences, number of guests and other supplies. Please contact for further inquiries.  

You will need to have a backpack to carry your own drinking water and lunch. 



Name: Table Mountain Overnight Trail
Location: Constantia Neck to Upper Cable Station

Duration: 2 days
Fitness level: Intermediate

Accommodation: Luxurious by overnight hiking standards. Bedding provided.

Description: Day 1 of the trail starts at Constantia neck and slowly ascends the trail leading up to the Overseers cottage. This provides for excellent views over the Cape Flats and Constantia Valley. We spend a night at the Overseers cottage, located at the back of Table Mountain, overlooking the Cape flats. Day 2 leaves the hut and heads up the back table towards the upper cable station.

Day 2 is slightly more strenuous but the views are very rewarding. Depending on the Weather a detour may need to be taken if the Cable Car is not operational.

Price: Various package options available. Contact for quotation.

Due to the popularity of the overnight accommodation, this hike would need to be book 2 - 3 weeks in advance to ensure availability. You will need your own backpack to carry your water and lunch.